It is over 10,000 years into the future.

Earth is forgotten.

Humanity is dead.

Genetic erosion, brought on by thousands of years of apathy.

You are one of many genetically engineered descendants.

Created by the eugenicist Archons (humanity’s heirs), or the vengeful monster X’ion.

A genocidal war has ravaged the known galaxy.

X’ion won, killing the Archons, destroying their empire, and then abandoning his army to vanish without a trace. This event threw the galaxy into 100 years of brutal tribalism.

After 100 years, your people have just re-entered space.

No one knows what’s out there.

Eight surviving races have banded together.

Not out of a common direction, but out of necessity.
No one knows where this new society is headed.

Each race is struggling for survival.

They need each other.


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The Darkness Between Stars